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Websociety Youtube Playlist Module

Current version: 1.1.4

Released: March 19th 2017

Downloaded 198 times.

Use this module in order to embed a Youtube Playlist on your Joomla Website.

  • Fully responsive
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable Youtube parameters on module backend
  • Auto Updated
  • Absolutely Free

I would be glad to have any feedback (possitive or negative).


  • Download the latest version of the module
  • On you Joomla installation backend, go to Extensions > Manage > Install
  • Make sure the tab "Upload Package File" is selected
  • Then click "Choose File" and select the downloaded file. Finally click Uload & Install
  • Well done. The module has been installed!


  • On you Joomla installation backend, go to Extensions > Modules
  • Find "Websociety Youtube Playlist" module and click to edit
  • On the tab Module you can edit the parameters required in order to embed your playlist
  • The first field is a free text. This is the header that will displayed above the video. If you leave this blank no header will be displayed.
  • In the second field you should enter the ID of the playlist you want to embed. You can find this on the url of the video playlist. Just go to the Youtube Playlist you wish to embed and copy the id as in the screenshot below.

Websociety Youtube Playlist Module

  • Check "Allow full screen" in order to allow users to switch to full screen mode.
  • Check "Autoplay the initial video" in order to start playing the playlist when page loading is finished.
  • Check "Disable video controls" to hide Youtube controls on the video.
  • Check "Disable keyboard control" in order to disable keyboard functions like [f] for full screen, Spacebar or [k] for Play / Pause etc.


This module does not have any commercial support but feel free to contact for any questions/help/request.

You can see the module in action below.

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